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Milling Cutters

When it comes to dependability then our gear milling cutters appear as a foremost choice. We are one of the highly sought after milling cutters manufacturers and milling gear suppliers, located in India. We deliver only superior quality and our supremacy is its live testimony. The prices of our milling cutters are quite competitive; further alluring customers from all the world over.

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Gear & Sprocket Milling Cutters

Involute Gear Cutters are supplied to cut any number of teeth in gears from 0.5 module to 50 module & 64 DP to 0.5 DP with maximum diameter of 360 mm. Conforming to BS 2518, IS 5698 in a set of numbers. Cutters having profile of particular no. of teeth and special milling cutters are also supplied.



Scalping Cutters

Our company is an established Manufacturer and Exporter of Scalping Cutters. Our Cutters are manufactured from 6" diameter to 8" diameter and 16" to 20" in length. We offer Cutters for both light and heavy duty applications. Courtesy our brilliant logistics network, we are capable of delivering bulk orders of these within the


Side & Face Cutters

Side and Face Cutters are supplied from dia 50 mm to 300 mm & width from 5 mm to 50 mm. As per ISS & B85 in M2 & M35 material.Others products includes slitting saws angle cutters.


Rack Milling Cutters

Rack Milling Cutters for cutting rack as single point and also available as a gang for simultanous cutting of several spaces on racks.


Concave Cutters

These High Speed Steel cutters are form-relieved for milling convex half circles in all types of materials.


Convex Cutters

Radius form Cutters- Convex
These High Speed Steel cutters are form-relieved for milling concave half circles in all types of materials.